• Tyrants and Lovers (Camilla's aria - ("La mia prece")

51fqzhknryl-_ac_us160_(Nelly Miricioiu, Bruce Ford, Jennifer Larmore, William Matteuzi, Elizabeth Futral)

ORAZI E CURIAZI - Opera Rara recording "...in her interpretation the technique is perfect, attractive, assimilated with the length of breath and impressive agility in the passages with ornamentation, which she never uses as just a demonstration of her virtuosity but always serving to express the internal torment of the character"(from French) La Discotheque de L'Avant-Scene - Damien Colas - Opera June 1996

  • Emma D'Antiochia - Mercadante - Opera Rara ORC 26

61s1r0wwtl-_ac_us160_Nelly Miricioiu, Robert Servile, Bruce Ford, Maria Costanza Nocentini, Colin Lee, Rebecca Von Lipinski, David Parry)

Mercadante saved himself for his leading lady, and Emma has some wonderful music from quite another world, a kind of butchy scored Bellini, which Nelly Miricioiu sang with a tremendous palette of colours, a delicate touch with the coloratura, and plenty of old-fashioned intensity as Emma bombed out"The TIMES

  • Maria Padilla - Donizetti - Polskie Radio PRCD 1480-1482

(Nelly Miricioiu, Helena Zubanovich, Jorge Prego, David Pershall, Andrew Craig Brown, Jennifer Feinstein, Eric Berry, Eric Downs - Kukasz Borowicz)

The music is highly virtuosic, yet rewarding and provides both a challenge to the singer and a vehicle for show off- everything we love in bel canto opera. .....As proof of that we have to say that we heard magnificent soloist during Warsaw performance.

...But it was the evening of Nelly Miricioiu, a legend and an expert of bel canto. During rehearsals she gave a lot of advice to her fellow performers, especially when it came to rubato and embellishments. Thanks to her the music was performed flawlessly and naturally...

Krzysztof Komarnicki (polskieradio.pl)

  • Orazi e Curiza - Mercadanta - Opera Rara ORC 12

(Nelly Miricioiu, Marcus Haddock, Anthony Michaels-Moore, Alastair Miles, Philharmonia - David Parry)

"...The next big surprise, at least to anyone who has not heard Nelly 51uc3em26ll-_ac_us160_Miricioiu before, is the discovery that the spirit of Callas pervades this recording. Indeed, it is a Callas with an improved technique over the stave, for there are no longer any signs of insecurity up there.
The opening of Camilla's entrance aria is uncannily like Callas in her prime - Miricioiu's resemblance to her is tantalising, even down to the distinctive hint of a sob at the beginning of a poignaint phrase. Her singing is highly expressive and unfailingly musical. This set is worth having for her alone.."

                                            Opera Now - George Hall

  • Rosmonda d'Inghilterra - Donizetti - Opera Rara ORC 13

 (Nelly Miricioiu, Renee Fleming, Diana Montague, Bruce Ford, Alastair Miles, Philharmonia - David Parry)

61l1i9-hktl-_ac_us160_....is the terrifying Nelly Miricioiu, one of the very rare authentic vocal phenomena of this century, and without doubt one of the last 'monstres scares' still active, carrying to a high level new colours to the role of Leonora. Miricioiu is both an accomplished musician, as well as being a remarkable actress...." (Damien Colas, La Discotheque de L'Avant -Scene Opera, Jan 1997)

"...As the wronged, vengeful Eleanor of Acquitaine (here called Leonora), the spirited Nelly Miricioiu demonstrates how to make Donizetti's innocuous-looking melodies spark and flame with dramatic purpose..."  Opera Now - George Hall 1996

  • Maria Regina d'Inghilterra - Pacini - Opera Rara ORC 15

(Nelly Miricioiu, Bruce Ford, Mary Plazas, Jose Fardilha, Alastair 61tuvqcbdfl-_ac_us160_Miles, Philharmonia Orchestra - David Parry)

"....she brings Mary Tudor to operatic life as vividly as Callas did Anna Bolena or Caballe Mary Queen of Scots"

THE SUNDAY TIMES - On Record - Hugh Canning,  21 June 98

  • Maria de Rudenz - Donizetti - Opera Rara ORC 2016

51pdt5f-dcl-_ac_us160_(Nelly Miricioiu, Regina Nathan, Robert McFarland, Bruce Ford, Matthew Hargreaves,Nigel Douglas, Geoffrey Mitchel Choir and Philharmonia Orchestra - David Parry)

Any number of sopranos can get through a role like Donizetti's Maria de Rudenz, but only a mistress of the idiom like Nelly Miricioiu can truly make the part her own, and Opera Rara's studio gave her the ideal setting in which to offer a masterclass in dramatic bel canto singing.

CD Review: Voix Des Arts - Joseph Newsome 8th November 2013

  • Nelly Miricioiu - Bel Canto Portrait - Opera Rara ORR 217

(Nelly Miricioiu, Mary Plazas, Ashley Holland, Ildebrando 512cv1ytmsl-_ac_us160_D'Arcangelo, Alice Coote, Dominic Natoli, Roland Wood, Fiona James, Geoffrey Mitchel Choir and Londo Philharmonic Orchestra - David Parry)

“The great Nelly Miricioiu has struck again, and once again taught her fans and  all admirers of exceptional singing and the rare belcanto-reportoire, to be astonished.        Opera Rara has issued a new Bel Canto Portrait with her, on which she really "lets her hair down" (as the Brits would say), and gives everything of which her great artistry is capable. To a wide public she is more known as a singer of  verisimo, the inspired interpreter of Francesca da Rimini and Tosca on stage. She has however proven her special gift for Rossini and belcanto more than once with her stupendous Semiramide in Geneve, with Armenaide in Amsterdam..........But it is the unusual Donizetti heroines and their contemporaries from Mercadante, Costa and others , which bring out the total palette, the colors of her acting technique.........it remains a glorious Tour de Force by "L'Unica Nelly", who especially here, in this mixture of stupendous virtuosity and great expressivity has found her undisputed domain, and with this also proves herself an undisputable successor to Scotto.”

ORPHEUS  - Geerd Heinsen  August/Sept 2001

  • Nelly Miricioiu - Live at the Concertgebouw - Vanguard 99079

41gemxltcgl-_ac_us160_(Kenneth Montgomery, Claudio Scimone, Sergiu Comissiona - Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Choir, Netherlands Men's Choir, Piero Visconti)

“The part of Miricioiu in two extensive fragments from Tancredi (1987) and one from Armida (1988), Mefistofele (1985) and Anna Bolena (1989) is fascinating, sometimes even breathtaking. With here a voice like Callas, the modest Miricioiu - sometimes introvert, but where demanded also passionate and expressive - bringing the public to tumultuous ovations again and again. It is good that all this is now available for all her fans..... It is a beautiful portrait of the artist, who in accordance with the text description, can rightfully be reckoned with the great vocal personalities of the opera-stage. ”

de Volkskrant (Hans Heg 23, February 97 )

  • TOSCA - Miricioiu, Lamberti, Carroli - Naxos 8.660001-2

(Alexander Rahbari - Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bratislava), Slovak Philharmonic Chorus, Nelly Miricioiu, Giorgio Lamberti, Silvano Carroli, Andrea Piccinni, Miroslav Dvorsky, Jan Durco)

"... stars the enchanting Nelly Miricioiu whose voice alone is worth the price of the whole set..."

Classic CD (Jeremy J. Beadle - 1994)

  • Prinsengracht Concert - Nelly Miricioiu, Luca Canonici - Vanguard 99081

 (David Harper (Piano) and Netherlands Radio Choir conducted by Martin Wright (1996))

"...Nelly Miricioiu was in superb form.."

NRC - Handelsblad - August 1996

  • Nelly Miricioiu - David Harper, Piano - Etcetera 1041

513ppnc3l-l-_ac_us160_Recorded at Wigmore Hall - 1986

".....quick in attack and projected with exceptional freedom over a wide range .....  a voice that commands a palette of dramatic, emotional colours simply unknown to most of today’s pallid tweeters”

Max Loppert of the Financial Times (from CD liner notes)

  •  De Munt/La Monnaie - Saison 1996/7 - EMI 7243 568 793 24

(Nelly Miricioiu, Rachele Stanisci, Umberto Chiummo,Stephen Mercurio Aria )

" ... and now what can we say of the multiple faces of Nelly Miricioiu's Ermione. The Rumanian soprano definately has no equal in making the heroins of romantic belcanto come alive."

Le Soir - Serge Martin

  • La Fiamma - Respighi - Agora Musica AG 159.2

518ebuu7m8l-_ac_us160_(Nelly Miricioiu, Gabriel Sade, Marianna Pentcheva, David Pittman-Jennings, Cinzia De Mola, Olga Romanko, Paata Burtschuladse; Orchestra e Coro dell Teatro dell Opera Di Roma - Gianluigi Gelmetti)

....Nelly Miricioiu proved an unforgettable Silvana, her vocal line exquisitely shaped and colored; the soprano's hauntingly emotional voice and presence are reminiscent of Claudia Muzio (who sang in the South American premiere of the work)"

Stephen Hastings (OPERA NEWS - FEB 28 1998)