• 03.07.2017 - Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival (3rd July - 6th August 2017)                                                      Nelly returns to Sicily on the voice faculty of the Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival, both as master of voice and as director of a new production of Puccini's La Boheme.


  • 09.04.2017 - Recital & Masterclasses - Manila, Phillippines (7th - 19th April 2017)                                                     Nelly returns to her beloved Manila to give a much anticipated recital (9th April) with the highly acclaimed Filipino tenor, Arthur Espiritu, and pianist Najib Ismail. Alongside this, she will work in masterclass and private teaching with some of the fantastically talented young artists from around the Philippines.


  • 28.03.2017 - Masterclass - Hong Kong, China (28th March - 4th April 2017)                                                                           Nelly travels to Hong Kong to give a series of public and private Masterclasses.


  • 13.03.2017 - Welsh International Academy of Voice, Cardiff  (13/14th March 2017)                                                           Nelly returns as Guest professor of voice to work with the students of Dennis O'Neill's Welsh International Academy of Voice.


  • 18.12.2016 - Gala Premiilor Operelor Nationale - Bucharest, Romania                                                                        Nelly will attend the Bucharest National Opera House, as a special guest for their annual awards Gala. At the fourth edition of the Gala, the Grand Prize will be awarded to Ms Nelly Miricioiu - the famous Romanian soprano. On this occasion she will also be awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen" of Iaşi.


  • 24.11.2016 - Nelly Miricioiu & Remus Azoitei - Two "Biographies to remember" - ICR, London (24th Nov 2016)    An evening celebrating two of Romania's finest musicians and artists, Nelly Miricioiu and Remus Azoitei. The evening will include presentations of documentaries from Marius Constantinescu, speeches from notable figures in the Romanian Culture, and performances from Nelly and Remus themselves.


  • 27.09.2016 - Grand Opera Vocal Competition - Russia (Sept - Nov 2016)                                                              Nelly joins the jury of the Grand Opera Vocal Competition in Moscow, for the Kultura TV Channel.


  • 12.08.2016 - Festival y Academia de Musica en Tequila (12th - 21st August 2016)
    Nelly joins the vocal faculty of the 2016 Festival y Academia de Musica en Tequila, Mexico, alongside esteemed colleagues Jack Li Vigni, David Gowland and Carlos Conde


  • 26.06.2016 - Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival (26th June - 7th August 2016)

    Nelly returns to Sicily as Maestra for the newly named Mediterranean Opera Studio and Festival, alongside Jack Li Vigni, Salvatore Fisichella, David Gowland and Kamal Khan


  • 01.06.2016 - IVC Preliminary Rounds - Nanjing, China (1st -13th June)                                                               Nelly travels to Nanjing, China, as both juror for the preliminary rounds of the International Vocal Competition, and as visiting voice professor for the Masterclasses connected to the competition.


  • 26.03.2016 - Radio Romania - Bucharest, Romania (26th March - 3rd April 2016)

    Nelly travels to Romania for a series of appearances, TV & Radio interviews, and a special evening recital, in celebration of her life and career.

Concert in Baia Mare, Romania (2015)